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What to Expect at Koru Chiropractic

You are in the right hands and will feel at home!

Welcome to Koru! As you walk in the door you will be greeted by one our friendly, helpful & knowledgable staff.  If its your first visit you will be asked to fill in a form, offered some water and shown where the facilities are.  We want you feel at home.

Your health is important to us too!      

Chiropractic care is unique to each and everyone person.  There are many similarities in presenting symptoms but no two people heal the same way.

You will be educated about your symptoms based on the practitioners findings and have regular re-examinations and you will be kept you up to date with your progress.

All of our staff are highly trained and happy to answer all your questions and guide you to right practitioner to suit your needs.

Contact Us to make an appointment so we can get started helping you to achieve your health goals

  • First Visit.  You will be given a thorough examination and a full health history will be taken.
  • Second Visit. You will be given a full Report of Findings and an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs will be recommended to you.
  • Regular Visit. In each visit you receive unique treatment, always been adapted to meet your current needs.
  • Unless your examination findings detect something that needs further examination – you will usually be treated at your first visit with us.

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