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Koru Chiropractic Reviews

Less Pain and Happier Self

When I first came to Koru I had very bad pain in my neck, back and hip. I was in a lot of pain and stressed with day to day tasks such as house hold task, work, and minding my children. Since being treated at the Koru by Dr. De Borodaewsky the pain has got a lot better. I feel a lot better and happier in myself. I don’t struggle at home or with minding my children.

Virtually Pain Free

I came to the clinic in the hope that the constant back and leg pain I had suffered for approximately 3 to 4 years could be ended in some way. The pain was daily and normally 6 to 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. It affected every aspect of life. I stopped exercising, gardening, it affected work and was beginning to bring me down mentally and that’s why I decided to try something new.

Gradually after a few weeks the pain minimized and after 12 weeks I was virtually pain free. I have returned to walking, going to the woods/beach with the dogs. I no longer dread getting out of bed, my work life is much better and my colleagues have noticed the difference in me physically. I am back to happy me, full of hope, happiness and excitement for what I can do.

It has been a very positive experience for me, I would have been a sceptic before but I felt I needed to try something new or I would just end up existing. I’m so glad I did. Everyone I have met in the clinic have been wonderfully professional, positive, polite and fun. Thank you for helping me to get me back.
~Deirdre M

More Movement and Pain Free

I came across Koru and Dr. David Miller by accident but having lived in pain with fibromyalgia for the last 12 years I figured I had nothing to lose as the first consult was free. Dr Miller was the first medical person to examine my neck which was a different approach. I now have more movement and am pain free for the first time in years, my quality of life has improved no end. I can now do things that I haven’t been able to do for years. I can now enjoy my garden again, all of this is thanks to Dr. David Miller of Koru Chiropractic. I cannot recommend him and the staff of Koru highly enough.
~Mary D

No More Neck Pain

After putting up with pain on and off for the last six years from a compression injury to my neck which I constantly took pain killers for, I decided to seek help from a chiropractor as an alternative to drugs. As it was my first visit to a chiropractor I was sceptical but hopeful my old injury could be cured. After two weeks of chiropractic techniques and the introduction of acupuncture to my treatment, my pain was gone and hopefully it will stay gone.

Who would think that a few tiny needles placed in the correct spot would alleviate pain…it’s quite amazing. My practitioner Dr. Bashir Hamoudah was excellent. I would highly recommend anyone putting up with niggly injuries or worse to try this treatment as an alternative to pain killers.
~Derek O.