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Meet Dr. Diana Petersen

Dr. Diana PetersenDr Diana was born and raised in Johannesburg, in sunny South Africa by her loving Portuguese parents. She initially began her career as a clinical diagnostic radiographer, and furthered her studies in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg, graduating with a Master’s degree in 2012.

Wide-Ranging Experience

Dr Diana started her working career as a theatre radiographer for busy orthopaedic surgeons who specialised in spinal procedures. Here, she got to observe and be involved in many different spinal procedures. She was part of a team who were the first in South Africa to perform minimally-invasive endoscopic spinal decompressions. She was then given an amazing opportunity to open her first practice as a chiropractor, alongside one of the assistant surgeons. She was also invited to teach chiropractic students how to perform x-ray images at her University. Dr Diana later bought over an existing neurologically-based practice in 2015.

Award- Winning Research

It was a great accomplishment to win the poster award for Africa for her co-authored research at the World Federation Chiropractic & IBCE Regional 2019, in Berlin. Her research was recently approved to be published in the medical Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

Dr Diana successfully sold her practices when she was pregnant with her twin baby girls, Ava and Leila, in 2018. In search of a bigger and brighter future for her twins, Ireland was the perfect choice to raise her new little family with her husband, Andrew. They moved continents and joined Dr Kelly’s team in November 2019.

Dr Diana has taken special interest in educating patients about the importance of improving and restoring neurological function and balance of one’s spine and health. Dr Diana implements many techniques in her regime which includes spinal adjustments and mobilizations, activator adjusting tool, traction, soft tissue release, stretching and strengthening, with appropriate advice on home care programs.

Outside the Office

Dr Diana loves the outdoors, whether it be the beach, the countryside or the African bush. She is a keen fly fisherman, although an absolute amateur. She enjoys exploring new places, meeting new people and eating good, healthy comfort food! She may have left her heart behind in Africa, however chiropractic is her passion, and so she is looking forward to meeting you and reaching as many patients as she can in our community!


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